Item Guides/Questions?

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Hello, first off, I wanted to say I love the game. Now to the point:

I haven't played many MOBA's, only Smite. In smite I looked up guides, but I like this game a lot more and was trying to be more involved with it. Let me say that I'm not looking for character guides specifically...

I'm more so looking for somebody to explain to me how people make builds, and how they work. For example, why should I put more critical rate on Allen, or life steal on Celine? (Those may not be accurate, but I needed some examples).

So, I guess I'm asking how do people actually make their guides, and what am I supposed to look for? How do I know what items compliment certain characters?

I hope this makes sense, haha.


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    Trial and error. Test the builds out. Check out some streamers to quicken the speed of trial and error. So much needs to be practiced due to lack of information for any player. Lol needs more players also. And ask friends with hat they've tried. My tips, though not very specific for your post but it may help. Something is better than nothing. ^^ goodluck