Bug Report: UI clusterf*ckery bug

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Description of bug: The UI messes up and overlays the main menu screen overtop of elements from the character select screen like "Missions" the three scrollable 'Events' at the bottom and while all of the main menu options aren't able to be seen, you can scroll up and down and hear the sounds you get from switching in each section... ALSO this prevents you from being able to select a character, though sometimes it pops up a bit delayed and won't let you ready up. But at the same time, you can navigate the Missions and such while at the character select screen.

How to duplicate bug:
1) Press 'Play', start the matchmaking business your random quickplay....
2) Go to the Account menu within the main screen and maybe check out some of your records..
3) If a match is found while you're still in the 'Account' section, when the character select screen comes up, you will have this UI issue.

I tested this a few times myself and had two friends confirm.


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    Hey headspawn, thanks for the detailed feedback. We've identified the issue and are in the process of developing a fix for it.