Fightstick Support?

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Couldn't find this answer anywhere. Does this game have Fightstick / Joystick support?


  • Sharpman_HeathSharpman_Heath
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    That actually would be a pretty cool idea if they were to ever implement that or sell it in a merch shop or something. It would have all the necessary buttons you need for your abilities and to jump. Although it might have to have some added buttons or a d-pad for the call outs and emotes.
  • BaishunpuBaishunpu
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    edited September 12, 2018
    We got it to work using a CronusMax. I've got a script if you want it if you have one of those. No lag that we've noticed other than what the game already gives you since the Xbox version sucks compared to the PC version.

    We used it to remap the buttons on a regular controller since the options Nexon provides you is fucked up with only two layouts. So this allows you to map any key you want it to, including the Guide, Home and Menu / Share buttons if you want to have them used instead of D-Pad for certain things.

    I could probably automate things for you as well if I was inclined to look into it. But I'm dropping out of the Xbox Version since it's not that great of a version. But hit me up here and I can send you the script if you got a CronusMax. I'll check back here for a few days and then I'm out.