Evening the playing field....(Victoria edition)

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So I think to start off this set of posts that I call "Evening the playing field." I should explain what it's about generally. Making characters compete with others peers in their category

I get that people will rush to Victoria's defense when I say she's kinda....the...worst ._.

She is out classed in healing by Pinky (Based off end game statistics and what I see in game), out damaged by Camilla (based off end game statistics and what I see in game) and the ladder as well as terrible CC...
I've been playing mobas a long time and there are 3 rules that are constant in them

1. If you don't deal ANY damage, or bring incredible amounts of CC instead...you're worthless
2. You need to be able to bully (out sustaining, CC, efficient trades. etc.) your lane in order to have any control, losing control is losing
3. CC wins games...

Now back into Victoria....she fails all three...and her peers don't....hmmmmmm

Before we get started, I have been playing moba's for 8 years now including League of legends, dota, awesomnauts, heroes of the storm, Paragon, Etc.

I have also been in game design for 13 years now, with a specialty in gameplay balance and play, moving on


Every 28 seconds Victoria's next attack is enhanced dealing an additional 4% of her max health, healing her for 2% of her max health, and increasing all allied hypers (including herself.) max health by 10

Victoria also stores 25% (Increasing with bonus health up to 65%) of the damage she takes, after not taking damage for 8 seconds she rapid heals this damage. (this will also tie into her E.)

A: Exorcism
cooldown 8-12 seconds after projectile is thrown

Charge up for 3 seconds

if let go early it is basically the same as Chastise except the mark doesn't need her Divine blessing to proc the stun (Remember it has a 8 second cooldown before it can proc)

if held for 3 seconds at least it becomes enhanced, dealing additional damage, slowing the target for 10% increasing to 60% over 2 seconds at which point they are feared for 1 second.

Q: Divine blessing

Basically the same except lasts 5 seconds.

As long as it is not on cooldown or currently active she gains this buff consistently as a passive., doubled if she targets herself. And gains a small shield for 2 seconds. When ever an enemy hyper is hit by this effect it lowers the cooldown of the enhanced attack of her passive by 2 seconds.

W. Sinners prayer

->ALL<- units (enemies INCLUDED.) in the area get increasing percentage damage reduction in the circle based off missing health, up to 100% at 90% missing health (yes immune to all damage). This effect persists for 1 second after leaving the circle

If she has prayed for at least 3 seconds, sinners prayer becomes charged (Loud chanting and effect to make it so it is known.) Ending the pray will cause her to knockup all enemy hyper after a short delay for 1 second, dealing damage based on the damage prevented (Theme synergy with Valter right there.) upon landing they are stunned for 0.3 seconds and then slowed by 30% for 1 second.

Notes: exceptional turn around and aggressive gank potential, though still very easily countered without support of another character (ohhh ma gawd it's like she's a support or something ._.) . The only way victoria could land this alone is with a well landed exorcism, but even then you can't drop or climb and hold a charge attack so...it's kinda the other guys fault if they get caught. This attack cannot kill all the other hypers, keep in mind the effect persists for 1 second after ward, meaning the most she can do is drop them all to 10% health.

E. Blessed heal
60 second cooldown - went hit by an attack lower's cooldown by 2 seconds, if an allied hyper dies cooldown is automatically reset.

Victoria consumes all damage stored from her passive, gaining it as a shield for 3 seconds
If the heal targets an allied hyper they are healed by the same amount consumed on top of the bonus. (This cannot not apply to victoria however it will apply if two allied hypers are targeted for each.)

still targets the two lowest health hyper's nearby, Otherwise heal is basically the same.
If single target doubles the heals effectiveness (basically if it's only her around.)

Ult. Redemption


Summed up, a little more damage, top tier sustain and healing, good/acceptable CC...she can now compete with her peers.