Ryta's Optical Camo bug on Xbox One

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In part, Ryta's description says the following:
"Her stealth in particular helps her both ambush and escape ambushes, freeing her to close distance with targets of opportunity and take them down at will".
But if they still see her while in stealth mode, that doesn't make any sense.

Type of bug: Ryta's Optical Camo bug against AI on Xbox One
Description: When using Ryta's Optical Camo against AI-Hypers, they still attack you chasing you everywhere. The skill only works how it should do when you go unnoticed by activating it before you run into them.
Screenshot/Video: None
How to reproduce: Activate Ryta's Optical Camo against AI-Hypers while you are fighting, trying to escape or after the enemy have spotted you.
Expected result: Able to use stealth mode and be invisible as soon the skill is triggered.