Invalid penalties!

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I have been penalized for not taking any actions, and this for no legit reason.

Suddenly the game froze, some text popped up saying: "Connecting to Hyper Universe...," I could not do anything, after a while I receive a warning that penalizes me and threatens me saying something like: "You will be restricted for playing the game if this keeps happening"., (and it's not the first time this happens to me).

Apparently the game can not see the difference between a connection problem and a deliberate act of inactivity in the game, and this with the possible consequence of being severely punished.

Also, this was an AI-match where all the other Hypers were AI apart from me.

I know other people have had a similar problem and others have mentioned something related to this on the forum.

Why must Online-only games have all this issues?, this is yet another issue that scares people away from investing time and money in the game. I mean, why invest if it is so easy to get banned for no legit reason at all?

I want to see this game succeed but if the few people that play and support this game gets banned for no reason, then the game is doomed to fail. This is one of those things that needs priority.