Feedback after more than 300 matches

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After having played more than 300 matches and having read on the internet the opinions of others about the game I can give the following feedback, and some of it has already been highlighted by others but the problems are still there.

Problem 1) This is a very fast paced game, especially when you encounter more than 1 enemy Hyper if they come from above or under you from the ladders, holo tiles or springs, if the Hypers on the enemy team are the same Hypers/Clones that are in your own team you need to determine if it is an enemy or allied, when this happens in a 2D environment where Hypers merges together you have very little time to react, and some times you will confuse a friend for an enemy and vice versa.

If you have to check the health bar color to determine to attack or not, by that time you will have half of a health bar because this game is that fast paced when you have this kind of encounters. If you encounter Ignita you will probably die in seconds. This is more of a problem when playing matches against AI, because AI doesn't change costumes/skins.

Problem 2) The problem with AI: The most common problem with AI is that they are often very unsupportive, all too often they run around doing nothing, and if you call for them to help with the Invaders or the Dragon they will come sometimes but they will just run by and leave. Happened to me a few times.

A very frustrating problem or maybe a Bug, (assuming this was not implemented intentionally) is that some times when I chase an AI enemy Hyper that runs away with very low health and I reach him, all my attack button gets jammed, and I can only run behind them doing nothing. I have to stop running to get control and have my attacks working again, by that time the enemy gets away.

Problem 3) Unbalanced Hypers, ranged attacks tend to make a difference between winning or losing a game, other people have mentioned this issue also. I take ignita as an example, when she spawns Inferno plus ranged attacks that inflict damage over time she will destroy you in seconds. She would kill a whole Hyper squad very often if she has another ranged allied by her side.

This are some of the mayor issues I've seen in this game, and I hope this can be looked at by the developers, because this game have a lot of potential, the game is fun and would be great if some of this issues gets fixed.

Keep up the good work!