A clear pattern

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Look at the video related to this topic at the end and notice the duration of that match.

This is about AI matches, It is well known that this game have balancing issues, AI issues and more. If you don't know what I mean, play an Elite AI (custom) match against Ignita, Tatyana, Liu and Sun Wukong because most AI matches consist of an opponent team like that. If you don't choose a ranged Hyper for yourself, you will most luckily get non ranged Hypers for your team (sometimes you get one) while the enemy team gets most of the time at least 2. (this applies when you are the only non AI player).

Since the game have a low player base I have played many of this kind of matches.

I have noticed a clear pattern every time I choose a non ranged Hyper for myself while playing against Ignita and Tatyana on the opponent team, those 2 Hypers combined are OP when fully upgraded (any of this two combined with another ranged Hyper are also insane). The combination of having an unbalanced game, dumb AI team, some frustrating bugs like the occasionally bug with jammed attack buttons when you chase an opponent with low health, the bug with AI Hypers that can still see you while in stealth mode, et cetera. There is also the inconvenience of having an non flexible ban system for quitters that will punish you hard if you quit the match voluntarily (even if there are tricks to work around that).

Facing Ignita and Tatyana simultaneously is a nightmare that most of the time results in a very long match or a lost, and also a struggle in Delta Station killing the INVADER MARK-2 up to 3 times some times to have a chance for a win, which is risky, because AI allies will rarely help out with that and some opponent could decide to go down to the INVADER while you are alone with low health, which will result in a win for the opponent team.

This things can transform something entertaining into frustration and boredom after a while.

The point is : Developers, please take a better look at this issues and characters like Ignita and Tatyana, it is likely that these characters needs a rework, or let me have a legitimate option to quit an AI game.