How To: Make Helpful Suggestions + Feedback Posts

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The forums are good for a lot of things including being a direct line to players about feedback regarding Hyper Universe and suggestions on how to improve or make it more fun. While we take constructive criticism and feedback into consideration, we will not tolerate hate, bashing, or excessive negativity of any kind per our forum rules.

HELPFUL: Athena does too much damage as a tank, especially when it gets late game and she gets all her items.
NOT HELPFUL: athena is so ****ing broken fix her you useless devs!!!!!

HELPFUL: I think we need to add more support Hypers to introduce more variety into support play.
NOT HELPFUL: omfg there are no support hypers, ADD MORE OR ELSE IM QUITTING K BYE

I think you're starting to get the idea here - point is, don't be rude and help us understand what you're trying to convey. Being constructive and positive is a good way to get your post noticed and have us engage with your ideas!

If you're ever concerned about posting something, do not hesitate to contact myself or the moderators.
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