Listening to the Fans


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    Oh god if art and balance would actually have some correlation i might even play league again xD (i most likely even then wouldn't as the game is so boring T.T ). It is too early to talk about balance yeah, but so far after testing stuff about in the training room we are actually not in a bad spot as it seems. I'm still testing more, but for now it seems pretty alright.

    That said that is the last i will post about the art in this thread as i'm trying to respect Hegoken his stand on this being a "not listening to the fans" thread and not about art/censorship. Not condeming you though, but just to make it clear if any admin should read the comments.

    Thanks Rawrzory, it'd save me the worry of having another thread merged/buried in another thread.
    I'm sure when/if enough people play the game, the players and developers will discover the true status of the games balance. And if anything else should arise, I'm sure the players will point it out too. At that point it will be up to the Hyper Universe Admins to listen.

    Though I can't imagine they'd have too much of a problem listening to balance changes, as it doesn't impede the agenda of the Hyper Universe staff. Expect quicker responses on such basic things compared to matters that is causing a mass amount of players to leave, or preventing players from even trying Hyper Universe.