There is no compromise, thank you all and farewell

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I would first like to thank all the players that shared their thoughts and did their very best to voice their opinions and beliefs on the forums, steam and other media.

It would seem that there will be no toggle option to the game, and that they will never make one because it's not what they want. They will try and cover up all sorts of reasons that are blatant lies such as the government won't allow them or other things that are simply not true.

Here is a link:

They are very kind to claim that they will deal with things by " letting us know of any areas where you encounter inconveniences or see issues." And we have, but that won't change. Even with a perfect suitable solution that would please all the players, they still refuse to fix it. It sounded like a simple solution, but apparently it wasn't simple enough. Toggle options and choices are too much for many game developers these days, why should Hyper Universe be any difference I suppose.

I don't think anyone is surprised with the result. Ultimately the Hyper Universe developers will do what they want, and right not they don't want to please a large portion of their fanbase. I feel bad for the Korean players, it seems North America has even messed with their version of the game...I'm sorry Korea. Had I the choice, I would have left Hyper Universe in Korea only if it had meant leaving the game in its original form.

I very much enjoyed discussing the topic with all of you, and whether we agreed or disagreed on the matter, i thank you all the same.
As promised I'm leaving this game and I'm going to spend the money of Hyper Universe on buying Nier: Automata.

Good luck everyone, and I wish you all well.


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    What happened to your old post, I guess their trying to silence the community? I feel appreciated as a potential customer.
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    They archived the thread cause they can't take the heat.
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    Ouch. I understand it's their game, forums etc. and they can do what they want, but to bury/silence any further discussion of it just feels like a poor move on their part.
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    Gorlock wrote: »
    What happened to your old post, I guess their trying to silence the community? I feel appreciated as a potential customer.

    they locked and archived it. they did the same thing to my thread when i was pointing out the negative steam reviews... this is getting sad, they are obviously going into damage control now and are now not taking negative feedback. i think i might jump ship even before succubus comes, all signs are saying get out. so sad when the wrong publishers get a otherwise great game and drive it into the damn ground flames blazin.

    i even streamed this game a bit and ive never streamed passed 1 hour on any game before this game. this game i had to have streamed atleast 24 hours or more, even got followers... i really hope they learn, there is still time. Korean fans might make a big enough uproar about the changes to make them revert the changes.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for always being respectful and civil in your posts, Hegoken. I'm not giving up on this game yet but it's getting harder and harder to see it doing well in any region. This game has some fundamental problems that will affect it's overall popularity but this farce of censoring in the name of mass accessibility for a game that had a very niche audience to begin with, only hurt the game very badly. First impressions count for a lot, especially for a game by a small developer that is in an overcrowded genre already inhabited by one of the most popular games in the world. This is a genre where people don't tend to leave their comfort zones and fear trying other games because they are "invested" in their game of choice.

    I had a lot of problems recommending this game to new players simply because they hear the word "MOBA" and tune me out. One of the big selling points, however, was the artwork and aesthetic of the game. I very much enjoyed the artwork and character models unabashedly. I was one of the many people in line for the game at PAX South and went back to it twice instead of checking out other games with my friends. I saw plenty of people in the crowd excited to try the game and it seemed like there were a lot of casual moba fans present as well. At no point did I notice anyone talking about how disgusted they were by the cleavage on display by the women in the game or on the promotional materials, or making comments to the reps on hand about how they wanted to bring their kids, but just couldn't because the women were so disgustingly unrealistic in the chest area. There were much more risque appearances by some of the cosplayers present or at other games or card games at the convention. So the argument that they needed to make this change to appeal to parents or local governments or ESRB, doesn't hold much weight in my point of view.

    Even with the changes, the game has girls with viewable underwear, women in full body leotards, guns, violence, gratuitous blood and even references to the devil and the occult! What possible ESRB rating could you be hoping to attain? Surely nothing lower than a TEEN rating. So if that is the case, why present the argument that this change had to be made to protect the innocent eyes of some parent's child? Unless that child is thirteen or older he/she shouldn't be watching you play this game anyway! Let alone the absurdity of trying to explain what that Succubus character is in a family friendly way and why she keeps making such suggestive displays or movements...

    Sorry, I forgot it's "worthless" to speculate about Succubus. Too bad it's not "worthless" to speculate about entire families playing this game together or mothers and their children sitting down to watch this game's potential "e-sports" scene in all it's "family-friendly" glory. That is the epitome of counting your chickens before they hatch, imo.

    I really do enjoy this game a lot, but between this terrible miscommunication between devs and it's playerbase and all the unresolved issues most people don't even know that is waiting for them ( Cubes, server instability, having to purchase unique build items with in game currency before you can even use them, AoE CC stacking and not enough CC mitigation, potential for repetitive games and risk of player burnout, lack of matchmaking options and playerbase which feed each other in turn), it's hard to even look forward to the games potential release when people will pick this game and all it's technical flaws apart mercilessly. That's when this game will need it's die-hard fans that are willing to look past all the game's problems because it has a character they really adore or some skin they love a lot (or want to play as a sexy BA lust-demon). We'll see what happens when Korea has it's version patched out of existence. I don't know of many online games that have survived past it's original countries server being shut down, but judging by the korean playerbase's comments in response to the censorship announcement on their own server, the future does not look bright for this game.