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So I came up with a little theory on which new Hypers will come out at launch. Galumba, Red, Tae, Camilla, Dr Schmidt, Han. Now lets breakdown why I made these picks. Since the ama they already confirmed they aren't trying to "catch up" per se, so I don't see the devs completing a role. Plus that means we won't have anything to look forward to for certain roles until they get developed. Currently we're missing, 2 tanks, 1 bruiser, 2 assassins, 2 specialist, 3, supports and 2 strikers.

Galumba: He is in the official trailer and has been gaining popularity in the community. Just makes logical sense for him to be there at launch plus WE NEED NEW TANK!

Red: This one is obvious.

Tae: He was already teased during the community vote and finished in 2nd place.

Camilla aka Succubus: I know I said Red is obvious, but this one is even more OBVIOUS.

Dr Schmidt: Now although he hasn't had that much exposure if the devs were going to drop multiple Hypers in a role it would be support. Since Maya is the LATEST Hyper in Kr I just don't see us getting her that soon.

Han: The fox tail archer, I feel like its only fair that we get Han before Rin.

Now of course I could be wrong, but I really hope I'm close especially when it comes to the number of new Hypers. If we git 6 at launch that means we will only be missing 6 Hypers.
A lot better than 12. What do you think? Drop a post and let the guessing games begin.

inb4 they drop a new hyper that isn't out in Kr :o

After some talking to Predictable the list is now, Galumba, Red, Camilla, Tae.


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    How is what I said related at all to the new conclusion?

    Also :P
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    I only see Galumba and Tae being released. I don't see much more than that.