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This guide will give you a solid overview of jungling in Hyper Universe. It covers spawn timers, jungling roles, jungle routes, and much more. This is part one of a full Hyper Universe guide that I plan on releasing incrementally. There's still more I will be adding to this guide, however, due to a backlog of Hyper guides that need to be uploaded, I will be focusing on getting those up. You can expect a Ryta, Ignitia, and Curse Eye guide to be up soon!

Until next time, Life

P.S. Shoutouts to the people that helped me write this guide, especially Ripper for helping me with spawn timers.


  • swarmlord1231swarmlord1231
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    I love it i play the jungle in most moba games so this help me thank you very much and could you make guides about how to jungle with some characters and some jungle builds maybe
  • iNS_RyuuiNS_Ryuu
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    edited January 26, 2018
    Nice guide lol
    Before i started to follow this jungling is a lot more easy.
    Btw what u think about the Blue Hyper ring's for the supports?
  • juiceyjuicey
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    this guide is a lifesaver lol! nice work!