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SinfulCrow’s Athena Guide

My name is SinfulCrow and this is my guide to playing Athena.
Athena’s Pros and Cons
+ High HP regen: Athena is one of the only tank champions that has an insane amount of HP regen, in battle or out of battle. She has 150% hp regen just from her passive alone (in battle) and it can be doubled by taking her unique item.
+ CC ability: One of the best things about Athena is her CC ability. She has a slow/stun/knockdown. Three CC’s in one champion. Most of her CC’s do not have a long CD either.
+ High Mobility: Unlike the other tanks, Athena has the ability to get past her foe’s with ease. This helps Athena ‘group; many of her foes to let her teammates kill them.
- Low Damage: Athena suffers from low damage even while being a tank. You can build her as an attack tank, but you’ll still find yourself being unable to finish off your opponent. She needs help in killing her enemies.
- Death's Door: Athena being a tank will always be on the front line or right in the thick of things. Her HP will go down fast unless her foes are killed off first. She will always be walking close to death most of the time, especially in large fights.
Athena’s Role
Athena is a tank and she can solo lane a large majority of the time, or she can roam around help ganking. Athena should never be played in the jungle (unless you going for a quick buff).
Athena unlike the other tanks should prioritize ‘grouping’. This is the most effective way to play Athena as it will allow your team to get the most kills fast, or have the enemy team running away with low hp.
Athena’s Skills
Grace of the Goddess - Passive that gives Athena +10% Movement Speed (MS) out of combat and 150% health regen in combat.
Olympian Smite (3 secs) - Athena swings both shield and sword.
Humbling Cut (11 secs) - Athena lunges forward with an expert slash to the leg, dealing damage and decreasing Movement Speed (applies only to low hp targets.)
Gift of the Forge (25 secs) - Athena buffs herself granting +10% damage dealt to enemies and -10% damage taken from enemies.
Victorious Charge (13 secs) - Athena charges forward with a powerful shield bash that stuns and does damage.
Divine Fury (80 secs)- Athena crushes her foes with a flying sword slam, smiting the unworthy and knocking them down.
Athena’s Combo’s
Athena has a variety of combo’s that can help her chase after foe’s or run away from them.

*Basic Combos*

Dash > Olympian Smite
Dash > Humbling Cut (Goes further than usual, good for chasing)
Dash > Victorious Charge (Goes further than usual)
Dash > Divine Fury
Gift of the Forge can be activated before attacking or while attacking.

*Intermediate Combos*

(Dash >) Humbling Cut > Olympian Smite
(Dash >) Olympian Smite > Humbling Cut
(Dash >) Victorious Charge > Olympian Smite
(Dash >) Victorious Charge > Humbling Cut
(Dash >) Victorious Charge > Divine Fury
Olympian Smite > Victorious Charge > Humbling Cut > Divine Fury
Dash > Turn around > Victorious Charge (Good for getting behind people and grouping them)

*Advanced Combos*

Dash > Turn around > Victorious Charge while casting Gift of the forge > Basic Attack x3 > Olympian Smite > Humbling Cut
Olympian Smite > Dash > Turn around > Victorious Charge while casting gift of forge > Basic attack x2 > Divine Fury > Olympian Smite > Hubling Cut
These are just a few of Athena’s combo’s but she has many more.

Athena Playstyles

Aggressive - This style of play means you are always looking for a fight and roaming around to help gank/group players. You always dive in head first. High risk, high reward.
Defensive - Not roaming a ton but mostly protecting what is yours such as turrets or teammates. You take hits for them and lead the lane.
Passive - Not overly aggressive or playing too defensive. You just make plays you know will work instead of plays that may get you killed. You just utilizing your CC abilities to the utmost to help out when you can.

Athena on Delta Station

Playing Athena on Delta station is a lot different than playing her on refuge. There is a ton of ground to cover and with her MS she is ready to help guard lanes or roam around. The first five minutes you’ll be guarding a lane but after you finish your first item or two you’ll be helping out with the kills.

Athena on Dragon Refuge

Athena can really shine on this map, as there is only one lane you have to guard. With help from a support or striker, guarding the lane is easy if you play smart. With the ladders all over the place, Athena can easily roam around for a quick grouping. If your opponent is not paying attention to your location then they are in for a surprise as you’ll pop out and charge into them, opening up big plays for your teammates.

Athena Counter’s

As helpful as she is, Athena can die quickly to a lot of ranged classes. Trying to kill her will be difficult for most, but here are a few that can succeed.

Tatyana - She is just …. Idk something else. Tatyana can carry a team to victory with her utility. Charge forward she’ll stun you before you stun her and combo you quickly taking out a chunk of your hp.

Admiral W - This tank with his grabble, blind and tentacles can make Athena suffer in close combat. She won’t be able to utilize her abilities properly, not to mention he can’t be pushed into a tower/group….

Celine - Fast attacking archer who won’t let you get behind her. She’ll dodge your charge and continue attacking. And her attacks will hurt.

Aisha - Her snowballs will freeze you, so she’ll have you thinking twice about trying to charge her. While froze she not only will try to kill you, her teammates will as well.

Hongdukei - What do I have to say? He can stop you from doing what you do best, which is disturbing. Not only that, he can literally take you out of the fight with his ult, making your teammates vulnerable. If he does that, you’ll more than likely get tossed into a group of his own teammates, and you’ll be lucky to escape.

Trakakhan - This guy is an assassin but he can still do a ton of damage to you, while you’ll do little to him, especially if he ults.

Turner - Turner does not counter Athena much early game, but later on with a crit build he’ll kill you quite easily. In skilled hands, Turner is one fo the most deadly strikes for any player.

Kurenai/Perseus/Sonya - Only if they can grabble you will you suffer, which is why I am mentioning them.

As much as all of these Hypers counter you, you can outplay them as long as you are skilled. Most of the time it will require your teammates help, but other times you can quickly escape before you die.

SinfulCrow’s Athena build

I build Athena around her 4 unique items. Honestly I go for a 50% CD cap, while she still has enough defense to stay alive. This lets me CC, attack and CC again constantly. Not to mention with 40 seconds on Athena’s Ult, i’ll have it up a lot of fights. With this build, Athena also has the ability to cast Gift of forge all the time. It’ll last 6 seconds but have a cd of 10 seconds. Allowing you to have tt ready to go all the time, and deal/take less damage than usual.
Besides her 4 unique items, I also take Task Force Shield as well as Omni-Watch.
With this build, the total Equipment Set effects will be as;
Attack +20
Defense +220
Max Health +1900
Mana Regen +30
Health Regen +75%
Cooldown Reduction +50%
Move Speed +10%
Enhanced effects of all Athena’s skills. From a lower CD rate to a further charge distance. She also gains the ability to slow anyone with Humbling Cut no matter their health percentage.


The stats of Athena fully equipped, Do note that her health regen will double in combat, and she'll gain 20% extra MS out of combat.

As long as you pick your fights well, you’ll succeed most of the time.


  • juiceyjuicey
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    New to the game. Athena doesn't need boots?
  • SinfulCrowSinfulCrow
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    juicey wrote: »
    New to the game. Athena doesn't need boots?

    Depends on how you build her, but I don't have her with boots.

    You can, and most go with titan.