How HU can be improved (not mentioning CENSORSHIP)

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Honestly, I used to play HU in Korea server before HU came to NA and of course loved the UNCENSORED graphics.
But honestly game is not all about satisfying our carnal desires but also to have fun, like LoL doesn't really have much sexiness in it (even though they have been increasing~!)
I think that the problem lies on what the Nexon America has to offer for the players' convenience.
I never wrote a forum this long and it's my second time in my long life to participate in a forum. Please understand if I am terrible in delivering but I am that desperate about HU improving.

Also add your ideas too. Thanks!

Based on my personal idea:
First of all, the cube is so hard to get and even when I collect the entire piece, I have to collect the chips and then the coins. .. Are we playing this game to GRIND up skins? No WAY! :s
That does not give us enough motive and compensations in winning the games.

Secondly, I believe that we need to gain more Exp and Coins if we ended up playing the game longer (meaning we tried harder to win or flip the flow)
If we gain same compensation from winning fast or slow, then we do not have enough motivation to try hard till the end of the game to may be TURN THE TABLE AROUND.
I know that HU gameplay can easily turn the table around but even though you promote us to put effort till the end, I see no benefits in investing extra time so.

Third: can we have SURRENDER button available when we played enough grinding painful game? may be 15 minutes?
Some people are obviously terrible. Not only in game play but also sometimes in their sportsmanship. If we keep accumulating bad feelings while playing the game and cannot surrender, then the game will only leave us bad impressions on the HU itself and we will end upt venting our rage on the other players and may be END UP NOT PLAYING THE GAME! It is such an obvious consideration for the player but I don't think the developers played enough game with actual players to think that through.

Fourth: we need more ways to express ourselves and communicate with other players!!!
It would be more fun if we can CHAT with the OPPONENTS! don't you think? we can troll yeah, but also it would improve the players' bonds and actually make us feel that we are playing against someone, not AIs.
Also, wouldn't it be so nice for the Players if we get at least 1 free Emotes per character ? Honestly all we can do is SPAM DOWN BUTTON or GRIND HARD to collect enough cubes, chips and money to buy one. It will take us forever and no one is willing to play your game that long enough for one emote or skin. THEN PEOPLE WILL LEAVE

Fifth: The Main screen is so blend and HARD to use. Honestly, I feel like I opened up a chrome browser with empty page. Also the menu bar is so hard to operate. For instance, I want to know more about the character I have. Celine let's say. But there are 4 different ways (Shop, Account, Character setting, GAME INFO? )to see 6 different things about Celine separatedly.
Can't you put them all together? Like GAME INFO seems to have the most basic info about the character but it is hidden in Most Top Right part of the menu bar. TERRIBLE GUI

Make it easier to PING! I know I can ping ! and X at where I am, but if I want to ping a specific spot, I have to move my hand away from the key board to Mouse and go to the miniMap and CLICK... I'm probably dead already.


There are so much more but I got no time, because we live in a CAPITALISTIC world of 2018 and honestly, I am investing my time to write this because I love this game and hope to have more fun. Only if HU was more player oriented, in a year or two, I can see that this too can be a great game with many players.
If you want to make money, I suggest that you take care of players' needs and favours. We can spend lots of CASH on pretty skins any ways. We hate grinds if we don't find it necessary. I think it isn't much of a loss from Nexon's perspective, if the game can be loved by players than just failing the game and losing all the money invested in developing and localizing this game.
If the GMs read this, I would really appreciate a comment with at least thank you for your suggestion, so that we know that you guys actually care. Thank you


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    Thanks for the suggestions, can't say i agree with all of em personally (ex. the main menu is easy for me to navigate through, though i agree its a lil bland and hyper info is scattered in multiple menus), but i will forward this thread so the team can think about these!
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    Yea all chat and surrender would be nice. But what we really need is better match making.

    The teams are not balance at all, most of the time you know whos gona win at loading screen.

    I had games where I end up with some guy with < 40 games and a guy with literally only 2 games and everyone else had > 400 games. They ended up going 0/9 6 mins into the game. This is usually followed up with them claiming "CC is broken and this game sucks, no wonder no one plays this game". Id imagine they never touched this game again after that. So yea we need better matchmaking if we want the player base to grow.
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    I have no problem with gold. I unlock hypers with samples and spend my gold for equipment. Its not that hard. Try starting a new acc in LOL. 100+ champs. The grind there is way bigger.
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    Thank you for your insights guys, I really hope that this could be the chance for everyone to chip in more ideas.
    I am so glad that the HU team actually saw it and would keep it in consideration.
    I personally find the lack of balance to be lack of player population, but I can be wrong :]
    I really love HU I hope that it could be promoted and marketed even more by
    having more videos, may be if you have the fund to do so, make introductory videos about the new Skins and characters
    instead of just pictures or videos of them shooting their skills in the training room.

    People find videos easier than words

    Videos can go viral easier with more contents while the pictures and words cannot.