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Hello all Hypers and Moderators,

There is a clear disconnect from where many people want the game to be and where it is now. With the lack of advertisement to the past moderation mistakes that have happen. The population has nearly depleted and those who are the faithful are struggling.

So I would like to throw down the gauntlet and get us together and push for the revitalization of this game. Calling for content creator, Twitter fiends, Instagram addicts and streamers on all platforms. Also need moderators to get up and show love to.the community.

It is obvious it is up to us to promote this game since Nexon is a cheapo and will not. Love a lot of there games they publish I myself am weeabu but they do not really advertise well. I will post a discord here and for those who want to try and get this population rolling again I welcome you. I also welcome all ideas on how to make this game better. So we can formulate a clear and focused statement to the devs and mod instead of many post they prolly won't read.

This may not work but it's worth a try of you really love the game. The community makes the game!


  • aliensalmonaliensalmon
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    I don't have a big presence on the Internet but I'll try my best to promote it!
  • SkodeSkode
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    Its on Xbox in August - is it cross play? If so then might me a good chance to boost the user base. I'll might try and get into streaming on Mixer then too to see if there's interest (Mixer is Microsoft owned - so if they get behind it they can really push its marketing, they do so already with select games like Smite so it ain't all own IP only they promote).
  • HegokenHegoken
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    Simple, return to the original form the game was in, the artwork, the physics engine and everything. After that I can easily get HUNDREDS of players to return. Up to Nexon though, and they clearly made their decision.
    Just have your shovels ready, this game is easily gonna get buried soon.