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So, I havent played since the new update. What are your concerns, complaints, and compliments? In the poll below, I have "heading in the right direction," "Minimal change," "2 steps backwards." If you do participate in the poll leave a comment on why you think so. We are all here to make Hyper Universe a great game and be apart of it. Catch me in game GT- Kargoth05
  1. How's the new update as of 17 September 2018?1 vote
    1. Heading in the right direction
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    2. Minimal change
       100% (1 vote)
    3. 2 steps backwards
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  • ChawiChawi
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    Voted for minimal change, at this rate the Xbox One version will always be way behind the PC version, I was expecting some of the PC skins for more characters and so I would also have a reason to support this game with money, if they keep updating at this rate the Xbox One version will get little support from players I guess.

    I know this things take time according to the amount of resources available on the developers side, maybe they have too few people working on the console port.
    I hope they prioritize one of the latest maps and mode for one of the next updates, (and more skins to buy). There is very little content right now and the monotony is getting boring very fast.