Last hope , ish?

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Maybe this is dumb and desperate because I really like the game, but if NEXON is planning to shut down the servers for the English and Xbox One version too, I suggest this:

Make an offline mode for the "AI match" mode and the "Custom match" mode (and an offline Co Op too if it's not too much to ask) before the servers shut down for the Xbox version as well, if that is the fate that awaits Hyper Universe. Also, keep selling the Hyper pack for a reduced price.

I don't know the financial impact of a move like that, but I am just throwing it out there with hope in mind. It would be sad to see all those awesome characters disappear into oblivion, plus there is some fun to be had here and there in the game even if the game is unbalanced and has other issues.


  • DeviaPuellaDeviaPuella
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    I really feel you on that and I would just love to support a suggestion like this but all of my hopes normally just go up to the wind because of how these imported Korean games are made so they need an online connection 100% of the time. However there is a chance that another publisher would pick it up instead with possibly the chance of transferring your account from Nexon. Don't get your hopes too much on that though. Nexon NA axed games like Dragon Nest, Atlantica, and Dungeon Fighter Online but those ended up either to other publishers or the developers globally published those games themselves.
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    It's not dumb, nor desperate. I didnt enjoyed this game, the problem is that Nexon's precense is basically nonexistent....
    It would be good if they would at least reply to this post and listen to your suggestion; though the closer to reality option would be what DeviaPuella said: if another publisher picked the dying game and revitalized it (yes it would still be a very risky move fo them to make, but some publishers have better methods and what's most important, they actually connect with the community)