debugging this pile of **** omg the coders are getting lazy here +tired


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February 14, 1990
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  • debugging this pile of **** omg the coders are getting lazy here +tired
    June 27, 2017
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  • HP 200 STA 50 MP 0 -
    You are hungry
    >open bag
    >eat roll
    >close bag
    You come across a mount where a goblin is sitting. It looks up at you and speaks.
    Do you lkjdfs can sdflkj adfe
    Your Ghukliak is to low to fully understand the goblin
    >kill goblin
    The goblin jumps from the mound
    Goblin slashes you
    HP 188 STA 45 MP 0 <scratched>
    Goblin Slashes you
    HP 176 STA 43 MP 0 <scratched>
    Goblin falls to floor dead
    >loot corpse
    nothing to loot
    >use heal potion
    HP 200 STA 43 MP 0
    May 28, 2017
    • CtrlAltElite
      Your heal potion was poisoned
      HP 150 STA 43 MP 0
      HP 100 STA 43 MP 0
      HP 50 STA 43 MP 0
      HP 0 STA 0 MP 0
      You fall down near the goblin you have slained before
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