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  • Quizzical wrote: » kaiser1one wrote: » the many people who don't even play the game because of the censorship fiasco is proof that people cared. So your argument is that the game is unsuccessful because people running around making a huge fus…
  • Cypherous wrote: » So, lets answer some of this :P 1) The censorship, while a cute thing to see you all bandwagon on about like it is the most important thing in the world, is absolutely flogging a dead horse that nobody actually cared about, n…
  • KaiserKeys wrote: » At first when I saw what they did to my favorite character (Tatyanna) I was shocked but I did not consider quitting the game. In game her boobs were still over-sized and jiggly so the change didn't really "change" anything. A l…
  • DeviaPuella wrote: » Imo first thing that this game is suffering and slowly dying from is the Nexon brand itself. I'm not downplaying people's concerns over the censorship but I honestly doubt it's anywhere even close to the main reason compared …
  • Niizzy wrote: » Well, my queues don't get past 10 sec and I'm happy with that. I read the forums alright and the only thing I see is that people are mad because they didn't included big boobs in the game, boohoo. So what? What does it change in th…
  • Nobody is throwing a tantrum. Have you even seen the multiple threads on here and Steam? If you had, you'd know what the problem is. Censoring did have an impact on gameplay, in a ways. That's why queue lines were 30+ minutes to HOURS long in the E…
  • The amount of users isn't an issue so much as making money is. At the moment, there's many who aren't going to buy any skins because of the art changes. If not enough people put $ into the game then you can eventually kiss it goodbye.
  • i have it at max settings on a 40in tv and the text in-game could be brighter. I've mentioned this before though. You see how bright the text is on this page? It needs to be like that. It's kind of opaque and it's not clear to read; even with my gl…
  • I've found that there are many females who play these games and are JUST like guys; they like to see skin. I had a friend who hated that they put more clothing on Seong Mi-Na in Soul Calibur 4 on one of her outfits. The vocal minority tends to forge…
  • The Eng VA's sound fine to me but I also have a preference for Eng voices. So, as usual, it's down to preference, so having dual voice options wouldn't be a bad idea to implement.