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  • Because game is dead. Thank you Nexon.
  • Clearly Nexon NA told them to censor the Korean version, I hope the koreans have a HUGE backlash, kinda like with Sudden Attack 2. Where they removed the female characters and the players left.
  • Fixed. Can't have the moms and kids from our community get offended now can we. I'm sure this edit is Nexon NA approved.
  • Don't ya'll cry when the game follows the same path as Ghost in the Shell: FA~
  • AFKzor wrote: » KingArthur wrote: » Kenoma wrote: » Hegoken wrote: » WatchGintama wrote: » This was shared by another user. I suspect that comment to be entirely fake. Look carefully, the thumbnail image is incorrect, she has her ey…
  • KingArthur wrote: » Man, even paid skins got censored. You really don't want my money do you Nexon? This is why I uninstalled the game till I see a mod that decensors the horse manure Nexon has made; though…
  • This'll probably be my last rant msg but I'll finish off by posting something a man/ma'm posted on the steam page of the game on a discussion. This person hits everything that I'm talking about but better, and represents how I feel about this whole …
  • The game could've reached the West without any censorship, the publishers are too afraid of people who don't play their games calling them out and so they censored it. "ncsoft" ? you mean Nexon? btw I've been playing Nexon games since 2011 I kno…
  • Shakrina wrote: » Well, all this bore me. Only one thing is sure : Nexon will chose the best way for most money. Cant blame them for this. But me wont play a censored version of this game. Need an answer about witch way they will take. For know if…
  • Watch out Mods, u better censor some of the art. You don't wanna offend people right? just like with some of the art in the game.
  • RazielWarmonic wrote: » Hey guys, A few people have already had great responses in this thread, but I want to take time to answer your questions as well. In alpha, there was a pretty hot debate in a forum thread (which ended up being our longes…
  • Killua wrote: » The edits definitely made them better. how so? Kurenai has different sized boobs, dunno about you but i've never seen a woman with natural boobs have one boob bigger than the other nor have I investigated online to see if that's…
  • ElSindicalista wrote: » Please add original textures for characters, the children are still playing GtaV and Extreme violence games, but are you saying that they will be corrupted for seeing a little part of female tit? Come on, female body is…
  • catering to the needs of people who will never play your game? ok, I'll reach lvl 10 because dunno if the lvl up rewards are limited time or not but after that I'll stop playing this game. I'll come back when someone makes an uncensored mod and if N…
  • Been playing the game for like an hour and I gotta say its more fun than I thought it'd be. Thank you for bringing this game over to the west!