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  • Special Message from our Developers

    Sayane wrote: »

    Clearly Nexon NA told them to censor the Korean version, I hope the koreans have a HUGE backlash, kinda like with Sudden Attack 2. Where they removed the female characters and the players left.

    You must have that extra thicc tinfoil hat, my guy.
  • Cube rewards are too slow.

    Yeah this "20 fragments get you the thing" system is a bit wack honestly. Either the total fragments required should be lower or certain drops should just straight up be the icon/emote/skin/etc.
  • Why is everyone so pissed about the censorship??

    jobeth wrote: »
    Zeryd wrote: »
    Youre about to unleash the triggering of the ancients. Seriously though, I dont mind censorship but I can understand why people are pissed about it. Some say its because the company doesnt hear his audience and wont give the power of choice to the player . To be honest most of the people who will spend money in this game want to buy a sexy skin for their waifu, this is the audience the game is aiming for, or at least thats how its working with the original arts/uncensored version. Its natural for people to be pissed about this but I wouldnt go as far to say "brb refunding". Keep in mind though that people are generally mad and jumpy about sjws ruining games, series, books, etc.

    but the thing is they havn't touched models, they even confirmed Camilla(or kamilla) is going to be released without a problem, I frankly don't get it either, and I think they are spreading bad publicity before the game even has a chance to get going,, I already noticed a big hit to the player base :(, but yeah this is full on kicking the hornets nest

    According to some rando on Reddit they changed tiddy jiggle physics or something.

    Idk, every time I tell that group of people it's a non-issue they respond with multiple typo laden paragraphs about being cheated and how the game DOA now and that the devs don't care about the players etc.
  • Censoreship of the game

    Arbitrary wrote: »
    it was partially false advertising to begin with, 15/10 was what was advertised. and is still advertised on the site until the sign is changed. Many of us do not find this lewd, but thats up to the SJW's to decide. You reduced jiggle physics too don't forget, not just size. All in all, you don't care what we think, but what the SJW's do. We thought we were your target market, but evidently not. Just bait and switch. We have our mod, so at least we can have it, and spread it to those that still want it. A shame newer content will not be directed to its target market, but be watered down for a very small minority.

    Take a step back. Just for a second. You're literally criticizing people because you feel BETRAYED over a lack of two-dimensional tiddys. You're literally upset over 2D character proportions.

    Why do so many people not care about the game itself and only how ecchi it is or isn't? You can play actual H-games if that's what you're looking for my guy.

    A 7 page discussion not over game balance or hacking or server issues or p2w mechancis or something. 7 pages over "W-WELL WE WERE PROMISED TIDDYS AND NOW YOU'RE JUST PANDERING TO THE FEMINAZIS! WE THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA MAKE VIDYA GREAT AGAIN GUESS WE WERE WRONG!!". This game is gonna be DOA if people don't start acting like this is a video game and trying to build it into a fun and mechanically sound game for people to play.
  • Censoreship of the game

    Valwyn wrote: »
    Dongs wrote: »
    There's been some censorship to some of the artwork to make them less lewd. Here's some comparison gifs for your convenience.

    The actual models appear to be the same as far as I've seen. There's been other changes but the only notable one was Blue Rose, which was mentioned on the patch notes.

    Ruined, they will keep going with the models too and they won´t say anything about it until launch like ncsoft did with mxm the last week i don´t have confident in any asian company

    If you're playing a game because of fanservice you shouldn't be playing that game.