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  • Reviews on steam turn bad for the game.

    None of the reviews are about game mechanics. At all. They're all the same vape-chugging neckbeard . This is not longer the devs fault, or the internet bullies making fun of people for caring so much about in-game boobs. You guys are literally losing your minds and writing "reviews" that have nothing to do with the gameplay and the game is going to suffer because you're so out of touch you think artwork asset changes are tantamount to the Mona Lisa getting painted over to modernize it or the government ending net neutrality. For frame of reference, a guy left a review that said "Much censorship. So dumb. Wow." A guy used a crappy, outdated meme 12 year olds giggle at to voice his displeasure over censored boobs.

    If they took the sex scenes out of Mass Effect, would the game be bad? No. If they took the romance systems out of the Witcher games would they be bad? No.
  • Special Message from our Developers

    You can go through my post history and see how much I've slammed people making a big deal over the censorship. I think it's a complete non-issue.

    That said, how this issue was addressed is absolutely weak. It essentially states that the aim is to make sure "players" who didn't like the original artwork would want to play the game. Fact is, it's obvious the number of people outraged over the censorship far outweighs any people who took issue with the original artwork. If more of your current paying customer base is made up of people who don't want censorship, why would you want to appeal to the other crowd?

    If you want to stick by your choice to censor it, that's fine, but you REALLY need to take a step back and look at all the angles because you kinda just took a dump all over everyone, not just people against the censorship. The game isn't free, the only players you can appeal to right now are early access adopters.