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  • Options to make changing equipment better!

    you can do that though, there's a "practice equipment" slot that can be changed around at an any time
  • Why is everyone so pissed about the censorship??

    @shadowjesus @SelfRighteous

    I don't think its the skins specifically because most of the "arguments" are people saying the boobs drew them in and now that they are slightly less visible they feel betrayed. I love fan service, my favorite fighting series is dead or alive I even enjoy the spin off xtreme series, but I don't care about censorship when you have to really be paying attention to notice. imo what they did was so subtle it shouldn't matter, what these people should be attacking is stupid censorship that makes no sense such as the dbz game replacing swords with sticks....because that changes the fact that your beating people unconscious.
    I also saw a couple posts that called you a troll because you didn't see it their way, people are crazy
  • Thank you!

    I just wanted to take some time to thank the dev team for not only the work they did, and are doing to bring Hyper Universe across the pond, but also for the interest they show in the community. I have been an avid league player since it's release but recently my interest in league has greatly dwindled and no other game I tried filled the void, no other moba even came close to holding my attention like league did. Until I started playing Hyper Universe, it has quickly dethroned league and stole my heart.

    Have fun and play on!
  • Do assassins fit in the meta ?

    Assassins do bad because they are not played right, they can do massive damage, have more cc than any ranged hyper, and have great mobility, you're not supposed to be in lane all the time anyway.
    None of the melee hypers suck, people just suck with the melee hyper, and they arnt for everyone, you can't effectively play every character or role in any other moba, you have the roles you do good with, and the roles you do bad with.
    I personally can't get the hang of bruisers, and I'm by no means a good striker, but when it comes to specialists assassins and tanks I'm pretty solid.
  • How to change the side of the base on Map ???

    I'm pretty sure the side you're on is determined by the team you're on.