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  • There is no compromise, thank you all and farewell

    I'm also confused why they decided not to go along with a toggle option for the currently existing art. I don't believe they ever gave their thoughts on it so far.
  • Censoreship of the game

    Let's not resort to attacking and insulting now.

  • Censoreship of the game

    Exactly, at first I also though it sucked that they had to "censor" the game but the changes they made are so trivial and minor that I can't help but laugh at all the people crying about it and dooming the game over it. Like, guys, do you all need glasses or what? The chicks in our version still have massive boobs, sexy as hell clothing and a huge sex appeal so what are you weirdo complaining about here? How is the game doomed over such trivial and silly changes?

    Not everyone is simply crying over the censorship and being immature about it. Sure, we still get sexy characters, but why settle with having a somewhat less satisfactory compromise on our part when there's the possibility of letting censorship be toggled? That works for both us and their reasoning to censor. They haven't given their thoughts on this suggestion yet, so it's quite possible and not completely out of the picture. If they express their rejection to this idea though, then at that point I feel it'd be useless to go on about censorship. They do emphasize player feedback as important, and plenty of players seem to want a toggle feature.
  • Censoreship of the game

    But that's what you all sounds like at the moment. Dooming a game because some of the characters got their breast slightly reduced is completely and utterly absurd. The game "sex appeal" is still very much present and the general art style is still pretty much intact. I also think censorship sucks but the change they made are so trivial and minor that it's actually quite amusing seeing all of you getting all angry about it.

    For me at least, it's not merely the matter of having ma bewbs, but it's a matter of whether our feedback would actually matter, cause a change, or at the very least be considered enough to almost matter. Of course, there are other good reasons which others have, such as small censorship spiraling into a bigger and bigger mess and all that.

    Emphasis on "hoping they can at least consider our feedback to almost make it matter." I'd like to think players actually have a say which, at least, will be realistically considered by the devs. On top of that, I really think killing off the whole 'censorship issue' with this game would be great for it as well. Seeing as how the only lively topics on this game are those about censorship, if they manage to move the focus away from censorship and actually onto the game, it'd be pretty awesome. And new players would less likely be scared off by the negativity surrounding all these 'censorship' threads, if those new players ever care enough or bother to take a peak in the forums.

    The biggest reason I'm here is because there is a suggested option going around of having a toggle feature. They have yet to respond publicly to this suggestion, and it's literally perfect for both the players on all these threads here and on Steam, and for their entire reason to have the slight alterations/censors in the first place. I just want to see what their response is to this, and possibly why they would decline if they do end up declining it. Much better than not having any response to this suggestion, I think.

    Edit: I edited this a lot. If you see this edit, that means I'm done editing and this is the entire post :)
  • Way to hard to see enemy/own and team health bar

    A bit more specifically, I kinda hope they could make the HP much more visible for whoever Cain has a contract with. During team fights, it's nearly impossible to check my contractor's HP unless I take my eyes off the action and peak at the corner of my screen. I think it'd just be more handy to time my shields and ultimate if I can see their HP on their character better.