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  • Way to much spam in the chat window while playing.

    There's so much useless spam in the chat window, it makes communication near impossible. Sometimes you just want to tell your teammates somethings important but then it get immediately lost in the sea of spam. It's really odd. Sometimes after a match I take a look at the chat just to realize that I've missed like 80% of what people were saying. I think this is huge issue. Perhaps if it would make some kind of sound when someone speak it would make it less of an issue. I've played tons of other MOBA and I've never seen so much clutter and spam in the chat window.

    Is there a chance this could get reviewed? Perhaps separate the combat log or something, I don't know, but the spam needs to go :<
  • Any game guides for a new player?

    There's this guy, I think he's going to cover most Hyper, so far he covered 2 Hyper.



    Lengthy video explaining how the Hyper work and some item build explanation.

    Othen then that I do not know of any other guides, lol.

  • This game is rather addicting and fun!

    Censoring controversy aside, I think this is a very addicting game and I'm totally hooked! I hope this game get to grow and become more popular :)

  • Way to hard to see enemy/own and team health bar

    Sometimes it's literally impossible to see people HP bar because they're hiding under more HP bar or some other stuff. My suggestion would be make them on top or something,
  • I'm playing in 1440p, fonts seems "blurry" a bit?

    Game is fun, very addictive and all but does the fonts in this game seems a bit on the low resolution side for you guys? Anyone else playing in 1440p? All the text/fonts in this game look very much "pixelated". It's as if the fonts aren't scaling properly and just look "stretched". It makes reading some of the skills and other stuff a real chrore. It's no unreadable but it's borderline. If anyone knows how image resizing work in general here's the best example I can think of, open a .jpg of 320x240 pixel, stretch that image all the way to 1920x1080, that's how the fonts feel in this game. I think like whoever was in charge of the interface messed up the English font integration, big time. Like, it's borderline game breaking, it makes reading skils and stuff such a chore. It really makes you wonder if you guys are putting any real work into this game at all, like this is the basic guys. Having fonts issues like this in 2017 is completely unacceptable.