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  • There is no compromise, thank you all and farewell

    Gameplay IS important. But the reason to support the game is to support the developers, and if the developers won't listen to it's players, why should their players keep playing? Supporting a company that won't even come to a compromise for it's player base? It's true we can play all kinds of other games, but this one looked interesting and new, the gameplay looked fun, and the art was something that drew us in. If you want to turn people away that have other opinions, that's fine, but it doesn't bold well on you as a person. Just look at the facts, censorship has always had huge consequences and backlash amongst true fans of whatever it is they're following, it's happened in SO many cases, it won't bold well, especially when the game itself survives on it's player base.
  • Special Message from our Developers

    Man... this is extremely sad to see you practically have people begging here, and making logical explantations as to why censorship is worse for the game than the original art, and all we got from the developers, was a half ass answer, but at least they admitted that this IS a problem going on right now, meaning they have to understand what they're doing will cause a huge problem. The player base for the game is pretty small as is, the majority of the forums (the people who have actually been playing HU) were against the censorship, you do need a selling point for your game, a player base isn't going to come out of nowhere. When you have a majority of player base that doesn't support a company that's going to force censorship over some thread in alpha, then the game is going to take a HUGE hit, and possibly may not recover from it depending on what Nexon North America does now. Where are these people from alpha now? Are they on the forums supporting your game? Are they going to save the player base when you force the majority of players into a corner? No. I had a 25 minute queue time this morning EDT, and I noticed this happening the day after the censorship issue exploded on the forums. Nobody is going to support a company that won't listen to the majority of it's players, it's as simple as that.