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  • Ranked mode Feedback

    1. Ranked requirements should be increased.
    - Ranked level requirement should be increased to atleast level 20. I think owned Hypers should have a certain level as well, so that new players can't enter ranked by simply owning hypers. They should have experience playing the Hypers they own as well. I'd also prefer if hyper rotation wasn't taken into consideration for owned hypers, as that's up to half of the hyper requirement being filled by doing nothing.

    2. Remove DR from ranked queue.
    - I personally don't have much issue playing on DR, but since removing DR from ranked queue is something a lot of players seem to agree with, I think it's a good thing to do. I think DR isn't as noob friendly as DS either, so I think removing it completely or only having it available for high elo matches (gold +) would be the way to go.

    3. Pick/Ban notifications
    - Have some type of audio or push notification when it's our turn to pick/ban. Players tend to be alt-tabbed during the pick/ban phase so this can help ensure participation, while avoiding mistakes and accidental dodges.
  • Ranked guide by Ekram

    With ranked around the corner, it's important to be ready for competitive play.
    In this guide, you'll find some important things to have ready and keep in mind, so you're properly equipped for ranked play.

    Big thanks to Ekram for taking the time to make this!
  • Curse Eye, Ignitia and Migenhardt guide!

    Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since my last update. College and work are taking up a lot of time at the moment, but I hope to update more frequently in the future.
    I'd like to thank Skyterror, Ogienchomik, and Muddy for creating these great Hyper guides!

    Ignitia guide here :
    Author - Ogienchomik

    Curse Eye guide here:
    Author - Skyterror

    Migenhardt guide here:
    Author - Muddy now has guides for Admiral, Aisha, Blue Rose, Celine, Curse Eye, Gelimer, Green Pit Bull, Ignitia, Kurenai, Liu, Michelle, Migenhardt, Pinky, Signal, Tatyana, Tooth and Tops, Trakakhan, Turner, Wukong and Zet.

    A Ryta guide is almost done and will be published very shortly.

    Either tomorrow or the day after, I'll be updating the item builds on my Admiral, Gelimer, and Celine guides. The actual guide part is totally fine, but the builds could use some slight tweaking to reflect patch changes.

    Thanks for all the great feedback, advice, and support you guys have been showing, it's really appreciated and motivating.

    Until next time, Life
  • Jungling Guide

    This guide will give you a solid overview of jungling in Hyper Universe. It covers spawn timers, jungling roles, jungle routes, and much more. This is part one of a full Hyper Universe guide that I plan on releasing incrementally. There's still more I will be adding to this guide, however, due to a backlog of Hyper guides that need to be uploaded, I will be focusing on getting those up. You can expect a Ryta, Ignitia, and Curse Eye guide to be up soon!

    Until next time, Life

    P.S. Shoutouts to the people that helped me write this guide, especially Ripper for helping me with spawn timers.
  • Recruits Deserve Rewards As Well

    Agreed. We can also combat complaints about gold/cube grind if referrals are given them.