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  • xKeiro's feedback/bug thread for Early Access

    So I've been playing Hyper Universe for a couple of days and I'm absolutely loving it (played 36 matches as of writing this), so here are a couple of feedbacks (and bug reports) on things that I think would improve the game and would take a reasonable amount of dev time. As always when I first provide feedback on a game I'd love if somebody from the dev or forum team would respond to the post, either by leaving feedback on my post on how to make it more useful for them or just letting me know that they actually reading the post so I would know that I'm not wasting my time by writing these (and future) feedbacks and bug reports.
    Colour Coding manual for the post:
    |||| - category names
    |||| - bugs/feedbacks that I deemed as highest priority
    |||| - name of things found in the game/client
    |||| - the important bits of the feedback so it's easier to look trough

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    == Bugs: ==
    - Elendis - Recovery Module (Q) can be placed in front of a downwards ladder, resulting in not being able to pick up the recovery module
    - AI Starter Emblem doesn’t unlock after your first AI match
    - Leaving a chat channel may crash the client (happened to me the first time I left a chat channel, but couldn't reproduce it after that)
    - If you crash the game the Nexon Launcher won't let you start it again until you restart the Nexon Launcher (even though though the game process already terminated)
    - Ryta - Power Suit (R) resets jungle monsters, it's especially critical when killings boss monsters
    - Starting the game with the created Hyper Universe Desktop Icon results in the launcher getting stuck more than half the time. (Workaround: open the Nexon Launcher directly and start the game from there)
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    == Suggestions - In game ==
    - Add subtle visual cue to the map design that indicates tower range
    - Before release add more default keybindings to choose from ( for example one that people more familiar with, example: Jump -> Space | Dash → Shift | Interact → F )
    - I think increasing the damage on all skills in the game would generate a better gameplay experience, where you could actually finish off people with your skills (as of now, it’s way too easy to run away on low health)
    - Jack - Sleight of Hand in the description display the colour of the cards in parenthesis , for example: Hearth(red). This would make it easier to identify the cards for non native English speakers and for people who doesn't play card games.

    == Out of game ==
    - Hovering over the (?) next to the Daily Match Reward should at least tell you the time zone for the reset, but it would be better if it would calculate the reset time based on the local time.
    - Show the little present icon in the main menu if you actually have something to claim, it’s really distracting
    - Create a “News Panel” where you can display events/news and things like that so you won’t have to send the players away from the game to a website just to display them
    - Release educational video (or videos) for the game which you can also use as marketing material, the game is great but quite a fresh concept on PC, so it’s hard to wrap your head around it first
    - Explain what Story points are good for as far as I know they are never mentioned in tutorials
    - If currently editing an Equipment Set and you switch to other menu or close it, there should be a prompt whether you want to save the current equipment set or not (currently it just forgets your edits)
    - If an Equipment not compatible with another Equipment (aka you can't put another equipment to your build) it should be stated in the description which ones.
    - Hitting account level 11 shouldn't decrease the GP rewards for bot matches and they should scale better with game time (especially now that you can't even get PvP matches because of the player base). Example: I just had a really intense Veteran bot match tried my hardest to win it, it took me 45 minutes but finally got the win and it was so disappointing to see that I only got 203 GP in return which is basically nothing. ( Here's a little math 15000/(205/45)/60≈55 so it would take you 55 in game hours to farm a Hyper, and this is if you win every time ... )

    == Bots ==
    - (Beginner mode) Ignitia way outclass any other beginner bots, somehow I would make her worse for the beginner matches
    - Make the allied bots listen to the group up and retreat commands.

    == Business model ==
    - Add an option to buy skins with GP without the need of crafting and randomness, sure you can make it cost quite a lot, the point is that if somebody doesn’t like gambling, and instead they’d prefer getting a skin after a long grind they have the choice (Would like to suggest taking an example from Heroes of Newerth, yet to see a moba with such a good business model). This would also fix the issue of not having motivation to play more matches after you got your daily cube drops.
    - Also for crafting please remove the materials and the GP requirements, they add nothing but annoyance to the game and It's hard enough to get 20 shards anyway. Also you already make us gamble for skins/emotes etc, so please don't make us destroy (disassemble) our hardly earned shards for crafting materials.
    - Make skins interesting, you doesn’t even have to base them on the default character, just make them look cool and not boring, don’t limit yourself.
    - I think with the recent influx of Lootboxes I am safe to say that everyone is sick of them, and the hyper cubes are no different, I'm not saying that you should remove this random chance loot option just to make it more fun, you could make it almost like a minigame, for example Plinko

    == Forums ==
    - Add buttons for text size and text colour (it took way too long to format this post)
    - There's no way (or I can't find it) to return to editing mode after hitting the "preview" button, making formatting really though
    - Personally I'd like to see the default text colour changed to either a slightly brown/yellow or just a tiny bit greyish, the full on white is really takes a toll on your eyes, especially when you read longer posts. (Personally I think the white I used for writing this post much easier to read #EEEEEE)