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I love flat chest and pedobear. And i hate censorship.

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  • Which futur for HU ?

    No one.
    Like for Korea, west HU will close soon.
    Censorship in Korea... No offence Nexon, but a gay pride in Saudia Arabia is a better idea. A bad idea, but still better.
    Can we hope the rights of this game sold to a non-SJWs company ?
  • What caused the fall of Hyper Universe

    Tenlogos wrote: »
    Meh, first time visiting the forum. I was expecting a thread like this to be on top because HU is on the edge of "dying". It never fell by the way because it never had a moment where it truly shined (Except maybe for release day where you could play any mode on any server with low que-times). Aside from that HU always has been a "low-burner" from my point of view.
    Don't get me wrong, it's a good game with great potential but so was Paragon. Or Dawngate. If the devs don't use that potential but limit it instead it's to no surprise that HU is in that state of "decay" right now. I mean.. let's think about it alittle bit:

    - the MOBA market is the hardest market to take roots in; you're up against THE biggest game o the internet (LoL) and a couple of other good running competitors (SMITE, DotA 2, to an extend Awesomenauts), you don't just develop a game and throw it out there and hoping everything works out well. You gotta be dedicated as F*CK to make it work
    - there was little to no advertisement, in fact I myself only stumbled over that game by accident
    - the censorship situation itself left people with worry and doubts towards the devs and how they'd handle things in the future
    - too many game-modes for a too small of a playerbase. Right now people are que'ing in for either AI, Regular or "Rankeds" in either NA or EU, with EU being completely dead because of the lack of players. You're damn lucky if you get into a game within 20 minutes. Should've made AI-mode less lucrative and disabled (or never introduced in the first place) 'Ranked'-mode until the playerbase becomes more stable.

    Im pretty sure any of us can add one or two more things to the list, either way there are things to do and the companies (not only Nexon) need to -learn- how important it is to take player-feedback into account. It's fine to make mistakes and experiement a little; if the changes ain't well received there's always the option to revert them and/or improve them. O course it's a shitton of work but that's no excuse. It's what you guys do for a living and you better come up with a good plan and strategy before throwing games on the market without the intention to fully back up your game.
    A couple of mom's complained about characters being jiggly, sexy and busty? Yea, so what? It's like saying "Game focuses only on big boobs. It's obvious they try to sell sex." <-- that's retarded. Literally. Ever thought about the fact that there are women outside that actually have this kind of bust and they get denied/ shunned by people just because they don't like big boobs or sexy dressed women? It simply is no valid arguement (it's like saying I don't like rap-music; or I don't like to eat mushrooms); if people think something is too sexualized then so be it. Nobody forces them to watch or play it. Move along! If people would suddenly complain that there are too many MOBA-elements in the game and they'd rather have more car-racing attributes in HU would you start turning all heroes into cars as well? Simply don't. Listen to feedback on how to improve on game-mechanics. Things that aren't as subjective and can actually help the game.

    It'd also be nice if the devs (or someone who is connected with the team in some way) would talk to the community. Actively. Let the people know what's going in, be the bridge that connects the people behind a game with the people who love the work they're doing. Alot of companies barely care about communication with the people they're trying to sell their game to. A few mods in the forums, a couple of GMs on twitch playing a game and they think the rest will manage itself.
    Online games ain't a new thing; and someone with experience only needs to take a look back to see what other companies did wrong and should try to avoid to make the same mistakes.

    Anyways, rant over. I still hope that HU recovers somehow and manages to lure a bunch of people to play that game. I actually enjoy creating builds for characters and their items.

    You can be sure Nexon know everwhere they failed, because they did it on purpose. We just waste time in trying to say them what to do (they dont care).
    They just have hope players deal with it... Epic fail xD

    I ramble it, but Nexon can only save HU in turn back on censor and selling Lewd skins; (Even if game shut down in a month, instant pay for Pinky in bikini xD)
  • HU "fun" fact.

    The waiting queue time loop after ONE houre.

    It's a luck Nexon have censor the game for touch a largest audience... xD
  • What caused the fall of Hyper Universe

    Just for the fun :
    Dunno if Nexon know League of Legend, a "little" Moba.
    Censorship killed HU, deal with it ^^v
  • No more ranked match

    Nothing wrong, just no player ^^