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  • What caused the fall of Hyper Universe

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    the many people who don't even play the game because of the censorship fiasco is proof that people cared.

    So your argument is that the game is unsuccessful because people running around making a huge fuss about some stupid thing that doesn't matter scared off a ton of players who would otherwise be playing the game?

    Then again, doesn't the problem of ex-players screaming about how awful a game is happen to basically every game ever? And usually with more to back it up than "a few characters show an inch less of skin than they used to".

    Reread my last post.

    Yes, it does happen in almost every game. Majority of those games didn't censor themselves for no good reason. Censorship is a big taboo in gaming.
  • What caused the fall of Hyper Universe

    Imo first thing that this game is suffering and slowly dying from is the Nexon brand itself. I'm not downplaying people's concerns over the censorship but I honestly doubt it's anywhere even close to the main reason compared to how disenfranchised people have become over anything published by Nexon over the years and those new to the game would find out that there a lot more problems than just censored bewbies.

    The censorship isn't the main reason. It was the start of things that happened though. "Cause Nexon" is another of the reasons.
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    Is the first version of something that an artist releases now sacred and must never be changed? What if the artist doesn't like something about his first version of a model and wants to tweak it? Is that censorship? Iteratively modifying various components of a game happens all the time, and without it, games would never even be ready for alpha testing.

    People have an issue when the changes are done because "we don't want to offend anyone" and "think of the children". These are 2 of the worst reasons usually used as reason to make changes in a game. In HU case, there was no issue until it was coming to NA. Now all a sudden, things are an issue (allegedly). Just go read the main thread on here and Steam and you'll get why this whole thing blew up.
    Laws, rules, culture etc. are diferent in each country. So the content have to be according to those and the specific consumer, so products, services games etc adapt. Players these days complaining about a company cuz they dont give them a choice to watch boobs, and feel oppressed for it. is something that not even in my deepest retarded non logical dreams could have imagine lol.

    Responsible moms don't let their kids watch horror movies that are usually rated not for children. Cuz you know those rules are there to protect children.
    Censorship is there to Take care of children and consumers. So idk why anyone would be mad with a company that is being responsible with children and content in internet.

    The advantages of censorship...
    Protect children.

    Disadvantages of Censorship...
    Players cant choose to watch boobs or more skin. And they might feel oppressed, cuz you know that's an inhuman thing to do.

    I stay with Censorship.

    The game had no issues with laws or rules. That idea was shot down in the censorship threads. Also in these threads; it's about more than just "muh boobs". We COULD argue that they censored the males, but let's be realistic; they didn't. Males don't get censored unless it's outfits in Germany or something like that. "Think of the children" doesn't work here because I bet those same kids are playing LoL or GTA. No complaints there but somehow a little bit of cleavage and big breasts will tear their mind asunder? Yeah; no. You should go read the censorship thread here and on Steam and then you'll see why this was pointlessly done.

    As for the last part of your post, it should read:

    Advantages of censorship in gaming - Appease a crowd that may not even play the game (this is happening now with HU)

    Disadvantages of censorship in gaming - piss off your base, loss of money, loss of money, bad PR, low player counts, loss of player trust, label of "that censored game". The only exception to this is if a game is so popular that it won't be an issue but is still greatly unappreciated (Tales of Berseria)
  • Is Nexon going to fix what they broke?

    Niizzy wrote: »
    Well, my queues don't get past 10 sec and I'm happy with that. I read the forums alright and the only thing I see is that people are mad because they didn't included big boobs in the game, boohoo. So what? What does it change in the mechanics? They are still very interesting and fun. I see Celine or Blue Rose and their disproportional body makes me frown. They are ridiculous but in a funny kind of way.

    I like boobs just as the next guy and there are some extreme censorship that are detrimental to a game, just like the censorship Blade and Soul got. But reducing the ridiculous and unnecessary boobs size a little bit? Giving them a little more cloth in the splash art that you can't even notice? That is not motive to cry that much. Frankly, looks like who complains about this wants to play the game to fap. If the game dies in the future, it will be because of childish attitude from people who have nothing better to do, not because the devs did something wrong, because they didn't.

    Like I said, horny bastards.

    Of course the queue isn't long; there's now 1800+ players playing instead of like 25 cause it's fully released now instead of payed Early Access.

    I'm gonna assume you didn't read the threads because if you did you would know it's about more than "muh big bewbs".

    Can't even notice? Are you kidding?

    Ah; as usual, blame the people who won't buy the skins. Well, maybe they should've listened to their target base instead of "we don't want to offend anyone" and "think of the children" crowds? Word gets around when a game is censored for bad reasons. Those people hold the view "Censored? No buy." Any "suffering" is on the people who decided to censor things. Maybe don't cater to the "other" crowd and instead listen to your actual player base?
  • Is Nexon going to fix what they broke?

    Nobody is throwing a tantrum. Have you even seen the multiple threads on here and Steam? If you had, you'd know what the problem is.
    Censoring did have an impact on gameplay, in a ways. That's why queue lines were 30+ minutes to HOURS long in the EA. This was even after multiple free weekends and free key giveaways on multiple sites and emails. This can primarily be traced back to the censorship fiasco. Again, read the threads.

    You don't see the censorship because you must not have seen stuff before it happened. Just Google and you'd see.

    Your wife thought "hentai game" when she saw a video game succubus whipping characters for damage? Ooooooook.

    You can argue against more than one issue in the game industry, you know. Censorship is still a common and heavily disliked thing. Especially when it's done becvause "we don't want to offend anyone" and "think of the children".
  • What happens to Hyper Universe after FTP launch...

    The amount of users isn't an issue so much as making money is. At the moment, there's many who aren't going to buy any skins because of the art changes. If not enough people put $ into the game then you can eventually kiss it goodbye.