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  • Some Quick Tips (New Players)

    Hope this helps glhf!

  • Free to Play Launch Hyper Predictions

    So I came up with a little theory on which new Hypers will come out at launch. Galumba, Red, Tae, Camilla, Dr Schmidt, Han. Now lets breakdown why I made these picks. Since the ama they already confirmed they aren't trying to "catch up" per se, so I don't see the devs completing a role. Plus that means we won't have anything to look forward to for certain roles until they get developed. Currently we're missing, 2 tanks, 1 bruiser, 2 assassins, 2 specialist, 3, supports and 2 strikers.

    Galumba: He is in the official trailer and has been gaining popularity in the community. Just makes logical sense for him to be there at launch plus WE NEED NEW TANK!

    Red: This one is obvious.

    Tae: He was already teased during the community vote and finished in 2nd place.

    Camilla aka Succubus: I know I said Red is obvious, but this one is even more OBVIOUS.

    Dr Schmidt: Now although he hasn't had that much exposure if the devs were going to drop multiple Hypers in a role it would be support. Since Maya is the LATEST Hyper in Kr I just don't see us getting her that soon.

    Han: The fox tail archer, I feel like its only fair that we get Han before Rin.

    Now of course I could be wrong, but I really hope I'm close especially when it comes to the number of new Hypers. If we git 6 at launch that means we will only be missing 6 Hypers.
    A lot better than 12. What do you think? Drop a post and let the guessing games begin.

    inb4 they drop a new hyper that isn't out in Kr :o

    After some talking to Predictable the list is now, Galumba, Red, Camilla, Tae.
  • (Suggestion) F2P on STEAM and Nexon Launcher

    Title says all. The account bonuses like permanent access and free founders pack needs to be in BIG BOLD LETTERS AND ADVERTISED IN GAME. Double xp event would also be nice during this just to further incite players to play. Plus it does take some time to hit level 15.

    Long as the technical issues have been fixed this should bring in max traffic. Thanks for reading!

    S/O to Muddy for the Free to play event on Steam idea.
  • Stop Stacking (Veteran Players)

    Just as title says. Stop stacking, not for me but for the community and new players. Even if you're an average player, just stop. Duo is fine and if you see new players go easy on them. Stuff like :don't farm them, don't patch kda, don't make games last longer than they need to, don't brag, , don't hardcore punish them for being in the wrong place...etc etc etc. You all know what I mean when I ask this. So please don't stack, and if you need team practice or scrims just ask other vets to help you out.
  • How to Ladder???

    Before I get into it please ignore any "New" or "Free rotation" bits you see in the Hyper portraits since they may be inaccurate.

    When you find yourself in a situation with your abilities on cool down and your enemy is trying to escape on a ladder.

    Hypers under the jump attack section have either an arc or vertical animation/hit box.

    Hypers under the situational section are basically judgement calls. Allen for an example has a weird hit box imo, feels like its lower than the height of the sword animation.

    Hypers under the Shake Shake Shake! You pretty much want to always be ready to shake the ladder. It's not that their jump attacks never hit but these are easily missed
    and have horizontal hit box. Feel free to drop some input and opinions.

    Traditional Strikers and ranged Hypers are not on the list because you just have to time your jump attacks, range and projectile speed.

    Everyone has to time their jump attacks but strikers don't have to cover ground as much as melee Hypers. If you're in a position to shake the ladder and you know
    the enemy is going for the ladder, shake it! I will keep this updated as more Hypers release.