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Hi! I'm the community manager for Hyper Universe! Nice to meet you!

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  • Ranked Mode Feedback Megathread

    Hey there Hypers!

    We need to know your thoughts about ranked mode to make sure it's how YOU want to play Hyper competitively.
    Please let us know your thoughts, concerns, or suggestions about ranked mode in this thread!

    Some topics to discuss:
    • Ban phase
    • Ban / pick interface
    • Map choices

    As a bonus incentive, we are rewarding players who leave thoughtful and thorough feedback,suggestions or ideas 10,000 GP in-game.
    Thank you in advance to all the people who try out rank mode and leave their thoughts!

    GL HF out there!

    Hello and welcome to our lovely forums new Hypers!

    To prevent unwanted rift raft from across the galaxy, we have implemented a system where your first post must be approved before you can post on the forums.

    So how does this work?
    If you create a new forum account, you simply need to make a comment or create a new discussion like you normally would. This new comment or discussion will be sent to the almighty moderation queue where it will be looked at by the moderation team. Once approved, you will be able to post freely!

    Simple, right? Just make sure you abide by the forum's rules and conduct and you'll be golden!

    This does not affect users who have already contributed to the forums.

    See ya out there, Hypers!
  • Lost access?

    Flemian wrote: »
    Tried to reinstall the game and launcher but it still does not let me play. Any official update on the situation?

    Heyo Flemian!

    It looks like you managed to get into the Nexon launcher when we were updating it and it granted you access to the game. Unfortunately, this was not intended and was fixed.

    As for @001ofMany, I believe you have it on Steam. Until we go F2P, you will have to stick to Steam even though you linked your Nexon account.

    Sorry for the inconvenience to both of you!
  • Damm Troll

    Hello @Earworm!

    We look at player reports, so that is the best way to report someone (especially if you leave a comment). We do not handle CS issues / bans on the forums, and we do not promote witch hunting.

    Thank you!
  • Hyper Universe HYPPEE ON AUG24

    KeyGee wrote: »
    Does anyone know when the alpha/beta testers will receive their code for steam?
    Also, did they mention a time when the launch happens and the servers are up?

    Keys for Alpha and Beta players will be going out later tonight (PDT time).