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    Fixed. Can't have the moms and kids from our community get offended now can we.

    I'm sure this edit is Nexon NA approved.
  • Censoreship of the game

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    This was shared by another user.

    I suspect that comment to be entirely fake. Look carefully, the thumbnail image is incorrect, she has her eyes closed. The name is also incorrect, there's a space in between RazielWarmonic's name (there's no name in the real version).

    Of course if I'm wrong, provide evidence and links to the original source for me to analyze.
    Offical HU discord not the founder's one. What I'm mainly confused about is if bust changes are coming to KR since we were told those were NA specific. If so gonna have to drop this game.

    Wow, even Korea is getting changed now?

    Well, ain't that lovely... Screwing us wasn't enough i guess.

    Look at sudden attack 2 - nexon do love to kill own games.
    I guess that is reason of EA - grab cash and run.

    Also Ghost in the Shell: FA, I got robbed of the $30 I put into the early access. They took the $ and are running away. Game barely left early access (EA)... not to mention dirty bomb, it got shut down by Nexon but revived by the developers or somethin' like that.

    My lesson is: Don't buy EA games from Nexon.
    Thank god I got hyper universe for free cause I was in the beta.

    Why is Nexon putting a F2P game in EA and charging for it? think about it, they spent $$$ localizing this game, if it fail then they at least recovered some $$$ thanks to the suckers who paid for the game. An early acces MOBA published by a HUGE company, Nexon, if it was an indie developer chargin' for a game similar to this then its ok, they probably have good intentions and using that $ to further develop the game.

    But a big publisher like Nexon charging $$ to play a game that's going to be f2p? Scummy, they gonna take all the money they can upfront before it goes f2p and then it shuts down along the road after a couple of months, just like with Ghost in the Shell.
  • Censoreship of the game

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    Man, even paid skins got censored. You really don't want my money do you Nexon? :/

    This is why I uninstalled the game till I see a mod that decensors the horse manure Nexon has made; though I doubt a mod will show up. As much as it pains me to say this I hope this game Dies and gets cancelled. I told several of my friends to stay away from this game as well( I used to tell them to play it and they were interested, but not anymore). When the game does die off due to lack of players I can then buy a korean account to play the unaltered version of the game.
  • Censoreship of the game

    This'll probably be my last rant msg but I'll finish off by posting something a man/ma'm posted on the steam page of the game on a discussion. This person hits everything that I'm talking about but better, and represents how I feel about this whole situation.

    "Wait, wait, wait, don't you even dare attempt to judge me or my personal beliefs. My intentions are far greater than wanting to play for "breasts". I want the full game as it is and stands in Korea, I want a publishing company not to take it into their own moral grounds to censor a game because a bunch of random people who probably are not the core audience won't bother staying longer than a month. I've wanted to play this game for a while now after watching videos on the Korean version, but if you actually have the balls to say it's over "breasts" then you're lower than I thought. This has nothing to do with breasts it's the core principal that we as players want a game untouched when it's brought to the west, exactly as what Korea has." - Bleeding Romeo (on Steam)