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  • A Heartfelt Request to Developer

    I agree, please protect us Nexon. :(
  • Censorship Option, and the POWER OF CHOICE

    Hegoken wrote: »
    Money lost is money lost. Hyper Universe would do well to not follow Marvel's example. They don't have a Nexon movie Studios and or Nexon-Disney to back them up. Steps must be done very carefully, particularly in its infancy. Upsetting the core fans/supporters can be a very dangerous move at a business standpoint.

    That's exactly what i was trying to say.
    Nicely put.
  • Censoreship of the game

    Info based on:


    Nexon...over 3000 people, roughly about 1/4 of the game owners, has refunded the game.
    Are you sure wanna follow this path?

    This is sad, i had such high hopes for this game...
  • Censoreship of the game

    Rawrzory wrote: »

    Well i'm sorta on the middle ground.

    I don't understand fully why they are making these changes or better put how they are making them. It's not kids friendly now (i don't have kids, but if i did i can tell you ... no they would not be allowed to play this game). Still heavily on the oversexualized side of things. I'm not prudish, but they have enough time later on to be adults let them be kids first.

    Then again i don't understand people saying they will avoid the game at all costs, because there is censorship involved. Its a standpoint you are taking i can understand that, but at the same time maybe if no censorship was involved no company would pick it up and i would never be able to play it. In that case i pick the censored version over not being able to play it at all.

    There was a poll floating around if there should be a option to toggle censorship or not. I voted yes as it would be good to have the option and honestly i would use the uncensored version option if it was there most likely. Still i'm already glad i can play the game as that is the main thing i liked, a 2d moba game that looks better then awesomenauts.

    i would have no problem what so ever letting my kids play this game. it REALLLLY isnt that serious. people let 8 year olds play LoL, and have you seen the massive boobs on arcade MF and the ass on DJ sona? for a LONG time they used censored NA version of eves masquerade skin, but a year or so ago t hey removed it and actually added the MUCH more sexier chinese version of that skin. they even updated her base skin to be sexier. kids will be fine. imo a toggle isnt even needed, but it would allow for some control for those types of people.

    Not to mention they even gave Graves cigarette back, hahaha.
    I honestly think some western game developers/localizers are way too scared of some media outlets out there, when there's actually nothing to fear about.
  • Favorite Hyper

    I really like the versatility of her kit and she's also awkardly cute. Bonus points, hahaha.
    echoeagle3 wrote: »
    Im sad that I am like the only person that plays Elendis. Support players are already few enough but they all just pick Victoria or Pinky. My sexy alien lady is left all alone. I really don't understand why either. Shes way better then Victoria if you ask me. She has more healing she has crowd control and she can teleport people.
    I think it's because people don't know much about her kit. Most people don't even know how to pick up the Medkits, let alone use her teleporter.
    But yeah, she's a pretty awesome support character.